A&H Medical A/S supports the UN global goal no.#12 ‘Responsible consumption and production’

– both within the company, with business partners and together with our customers.

A&H Medical ́s overall environmental goal is to reach a Zero environmental impact for our Company as a hole no later than year 2030. Another goal for the future is to obtain ISO 14001 certification or other external environmental certification.

To achieve zero impact, we embrace a strategi where we design and produce our products so that. they can be recovered and reused. We need to reshape our business practices and mindset to minimize consumption and to eliminate waste by turning it into new resources. We encourage our suppliers to pursue the same ambition of a Zero-environmental impact.

What do we do?

Sorting waste is not a new phenomenon. That is why we also have a well-established solution for waste management at A&H Medical A/S
Our primary waste is steel, plastic and cardboard, which are particularly suitable for recycling. To ensure the greatest possible recovery of materials, all waste from contracts is disposed of to A&H Medical’s own waste management. This is how we ensure that it is included in the overall solution and plan for waste management.
The usual handling takes place at Knudslundvej 33, DK-2605 Brøndby in collaboration with Henry Andersen & Søn A/S a part of Marius Pedersen A/S, which supports our documentation, correct sorting, and disposal of waste.

What do we want?

A&H Medical will strengthen the anchoring of waste management, to contribute to the UN’s global goal no.#12. By making the handling visible and incorporating it into our management system, we believe that it will have a knock-on effect on the entire organization and produce future results.

The handling must take place across the organization and locations. This means that waste must be handled on our construction sites, at our service customers and in our office, warehouse, and production. Different types of sorting will be relevant here. In the office, we will in future put a greater focus on paper, electronics, and food packaging. The solution for sorting must be as well established as it is for steel, plastic, and cardboard. It is important that the handling applies to all employees in all departments, so that our contribution has the greatest possible effect.

A&H Medical A/S supports the UN global goal no.#4 Quality Education

In Denmark, we have some of the best conditions in the world for education and learning. Nevertheless, there are some areas where we as a company can contribute to the objective.

What do we do?

At A&H Medical A/S, we focus on the qualifications and professionalism of our employees. Focus on ongoing continuing education. We also do not discriminate between applicants based on gender or ethnicity.

What do we want?

Employment of apprentices in the future. Through apprentices, we secure the future workforce, and it is our task to pass on the necessary skills – an important responsibility that we would like to take on.

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