As an innovative partner for A&H Medical A/S, Interster delivers self-developed sterilization control products for disinfection, packaging, sterilization and storage.


AAF offers A&H Medical A/S comprehensive, innovative air filtration solutions which are designed to remove and control airborne particles and gaseous pollutants in residential, commercial, industrial, clean rooms, transport and nuclear power applications – with i.a. Air Filters, Containment, Gas-Phase Filters, Gas-Phase Environmental Analytical and Design Services, HVAC Equipment.


PBSC products are designed for use in pharmaceutical, medical research, healthcare and other biotechnology facilities.

  • Smoking chambers using hydrogen peroxide vapor or formaldehyde for material decontamination are available in large walk-in units and smaller transfer shutters.
    High closing doors, either inflatable sealing doors or mechanical sealing doors.
  • Barrier hatch and sight panels with high containment.
  • Showers for staff decontamination, range includes air showers, water showers and fog / mist showers.
  • Clean room doors, fire doors, glass doors, phenolic resin doors and stainless steel doors. The doors are available with a number of options, including blinds, interlocking and automation.
  • Emergency exit panels and often used as access routes for maintenance.
  • Clear Panels, a range of clear panels are available for secondary glazing, internal clear panel (fire rated and non-fire rated) and specialized lead shielding clear panels

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